Better Cell Sorting:

  • High Speed

  • Sterile

  • Scalable

The High Speed, Sterile Cell Sorter

Cellular Highways is developing a new generation of automated high-throughput cell sorting instruments for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Cellular Highways is a spin-out from, and backed by, TTP plc.

Powered by a new microfluidic cell sorter technology, our instruments will reduce the cost and complexity of cell sorting and achieve far higher throughput than existing platforms, thus making cell sorting accessible to every laboratory as well as enabling new diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

GMP Cell Sorting

GMP-compatible cell sorters and cartridges suitable for cell therapy production, coming soon.

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43 kHz sort envelope rate on a 1×0.25mm footprint, including actuator. The smallest high-speed cell sorter in the world.


Incorporating VACS and an inertial focusser, in a high-optical quality, low cost chip.

Sterile GMP Cartridge

An easy-to-use sterile single-use cartridge, allowing flexible swapping of input and output vessels, with optional GMP-compliance.


A fully automated benchtop sorter with high-precision, high-sensitivity fluorescence and scatter cytometry.

Product Timeline


  • Single stream sorting

  • 43 kHz sort envelope rate

  • Proof of Concept

    Data presented at CYTO 2018.

  • Alpha

    Unveiled at CYTO 2019, Vancouver, and ISCT-NA 2019, Madison WI

  • Beta

    Anticipated early 2022. Get in touch to join our beta programme!

  • Launch

    Anticipated mid-late 2022.


  • Parallel stream sorting

  • 688 kHz sort envelope rate

  • Proof of Concept

    Presented at CYTO 2019.

  • Alpha

    Anticipated 2022.

  • Beta

    Anticipated 2023.

  • Launch

    Anticipated 2024.


Cell Therapy

The rapid progress in cell therapy is demanding better therapeutic cell sorting, with a need for GMP-compliance

Single Cell Diagnostics

Single cell workflows need a practical cell sorter

Phenotypic Screening

Isolate a rare positive phenotype from a large batch of cells


Work safely with a benchtop sorter in a standard lab, no aerosols

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